2017 Must See Landmarks In Georgetown TX

Best Landmarks to See in Georgetown
Situated about 25 miles north of Austin, Georgetown is one of the most beautiful cities in Texas. Charming boutique shops and rustic wineries. A huge underground cavern and a scenic lake. Historic home and sprawling parks. These are just some few examples of the endless attractions in this a must-visit city.Above all, Georgetown is home to some of the most mind-blowing landmarks and monuments in history, dating as early as the 19th century. Here’s a thrilling list of the must-see landmarks in Georgetown, TX if you were going to visit the city on a weekend.

1. Williamson County Courthouse

The construction of this magnificent Greek Revival courthouse began in 1910 to replace the Victorian courthouse constructed in 1877. It was opened in 1911 and was recently given a full restoration in 2007 to give its original splendor. The surrounding square of the courthouse and its grounds are dotted with history-rich markers that highlight a city that has gone through hills and valleys to get to its current status. Tours are available for visitors throughout the week, including weekends, and can be booked through Williamson Museum.

2. Inner Space Cavern

Inner Space is a perfect place for a family weekend getaway in Georgetown, TX. The cave was discovered by a team of core drillers in 1963 and is estimated to be 110 years old. Lying along the Balcones Fault, much of the cave’s formations are still developing having been carved by water. Inner Space presents a great opportunity to learn about the prehistoric times and creatures that used to roam the area.

3. San Gabriel Park

The 175-acre San Gabriel Park is situated on the picturesque north shore of San Gabriel River. It is home to so many oak trees that are as old as 200 years. The park also has numerous biking trails and long miles of hiking that follow the San Gabriel River to other parts of Georgetown. A 9-hole golf course, baseball, and soccer fields, as well as a recreational center, can also be found within its confines, making it an amazing weekend destination for everyone.

4. Grace Heritage Center

Built in 1881, Grace Heritage Center is a historical landmark in Georgetown, which was formerly an Episcopal church. Its walls are entirely white and the structure features a Norman-style tower, gothic vaulted ceilings and pointed arches, making it one of the most notable landmarks in Georgetown. Today, this medieval structure serves a scenic setting for weddings, family getaways, and other events.

5. Blue Hole

Blue Hole features wading and picnic areas that would make your weekend exciting and very memorable. This scenic lagoon is bordered by bluffs of limestone along the San Gabriel River. Visitors can gain access to the park through its entrance at Rock Streets and Second. Blue Hole Park also has inviting accommodation facilities where visitors can stay for a night or two. The park is open from morning until evening throughout the week.
Explore these wonderful landmarks of Texas second largest city and make your weekend one to always remember.